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Junior High School Student Preference: Teaching Taiwanese Folk Songs Using Orff Activites vs Traditional Teaching

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Ph.D. in Music



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Alan L. Spurgeon

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John Leslie

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Alan Spurgeon

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This research explores the development of the Orff approach in Taiwan and its applications in the teaching of singing. The researcher seeks to examine the effects of Orff activities in raising the interest of junior high school students in singing. The literature review includes the historical background of the Orff approach and the examination of potential creative adaptations in the teaching of folk songs. In this research, the following are discussed: music education in Taiwan, the development of the Orff approach in private schools, comparisons and contrasts between the New and the Old Curricula in Taiwan, the nature of folk songs, and materials used in Arts and Humanities courses. The Orff-approach to the teaching of folk songs includes learning singing technique, singing to percussion instruments and the recorder, and vocal improvisation.

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