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Ph.D. in Chemistry


Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Amala Dass

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James Cizdziel

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Jared H. Delcamp

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Gold nanomolecules (NMs) have a distinct number of gold atoms and thiolate ligands, Aux(SR)y, with unique spectroscopic, electrochemical, and chiral properties which are dependent on “x” and “y”. The properties of NMs are dictated by the type of capping ligand. The overall structure, size, surface percentage of ligands, and structure of an entire gold NM is changed based on the type of ligand used to synthesize it. Ligand type, such as aliphatic, aromatic or bulky play a crucial role in determining the size and composition of such NMs. A NM’s composition and properties vary widely depending on the type of ligand employed, and bulky thiolated NMs need to be explored in-depth. Hence, there is a need to synthesize and characterize bulky thiolated NMs. The phenomenon of ligand dictation brings a lot of interest in the field, into the determination of the different sizes of NMs that can be made (within the 1-2nm range) and the specific mechanism that causes the dictation of the capping ligand. Literature to date, has shown that different thiolate ligands such as aliphatic, bulky and aromatic exhibit a unique series of NMs. While the bulky and aromatic thiolated nanomolecular series are less known. This dissertation addresses the need for synthetic protocols, characterization, and development of bulky thiolated NMs.

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