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M.A. in Political Science


Political Science

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Andrew Harper

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Andrew Harper

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Ava Lowrey

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My documentary project focuses on the group of students who planned this event and why they invited Kennedy. The thesis project consists of two parts: a film and a paper. This paper accompanies the documentary thesis film Truth Marching On: Robert F. Kennedy at the University of Mississippi. In this paper, I attempt to do the following: 1) summarize the necessary backstory of Kennedy’s 1966 visit to the university that is central to my film and paper; 2) provide information and analysis of the components that make up the short film, which include interviews, archival materials, and additional film components; 3) give an overview of the structure of my short film and provide analysis about some of my filmmaking choices; 4) discuss some definitions of documentary film that inform my thinking about this project and discuss certain ways in which my film falls within the boundaries of these particular definitions.

Available for download on Wednesday, September 22, 2021