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M.A. in Modern Languages


Modern Languages

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Christopher Sapp

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Felice Coles

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Lorena Fonseca

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The present study examines how adversative coordinating conjunctions and conjunctive adverbs are translated from English into Brazilian Portuguese through a parallel corpus built specifically for this research. The corpus is composed of 59 news articles extracted from the online versions of the British magazine The Economist and the Brazilian newspaper O Estado de São Paulo. While the former contains the original source texts, the latter consists of their respective translations. This research aims to verify if the translations of the adversative coordinating conjunctions and adverbs provided by four online bilingual dictionaries are the same or different from the ones used in the corpus. Another objective of the present investigation is to check if the positions of the conjunctions and adverbs vary between source and target segments. Finally, this study also intends to examine if there are omissions and additions of the words in question through a quantitative analysis. The results show that there are some incidences of translated adversative conjunctions and adverbs that differ from the translations drawn from the four online resources. Moreover, there are few occurrences of position shifting of these words when source and target texts are compared. Instances of omissions and additions of the adversative conjunctions and adverbs were also confirmed. The qualitative analysis explores numerous facets of the findings, including some unexpected translations of but, and how some of these results can be interpreted in the light of one of the most important translation theories — the notion of “equivalence.”



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