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Immersion Within Call

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M.A.T. in Teaching

First Advisor

Daniel O'Sullivan

Second Advisor

Olivier G. Tonnerre

Third Advisor

Esim Erdim


The purpose of this research study was to explore the idea of immersion and what constitutes immersion in Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL). CALL has increasingly become important in the field of SLA (Second Language Acquisition) and continues to grow in usage each year. As a graduate instructor of a basic level French course, my research focused on the immersion factor of CALL programs. This research was designed to obtain and analyze first year French students opinions of a CD-ROM CALL program by asking the following questions: (1) Did the participants feel immersed in the French language using the CD-ROM? (2) Had the participants visited a French speaking country or did they plan on studying in a French speaking country in the future? (3) Did the participants enjoy using the CD-ROM to learn French? (4) What did the participants like most and least about using the CD-ROM CALL program? The most substantial finding of the study was that a majority of the participants did feel immersed in the French language while using the CALL program. A secondary finding was that many of the likes and dislikes mentioned specifically by the participants coincide with the main advantages and disadvantages of CALL.

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