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Ph.D. in English



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Daniel Stout

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Jarod H. Roll

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Jason D. Solinger

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Vicar Victoria: Writing the Church of England in Nineteenth-Century Fiction shows how the organizing force of the Anglican Church and the figure of the Anglican clergyman were used to interrogate social, legal, and historical developments in nineteenth-century fiction. The project outlines how authors reacted to events such as Pluralism reform, the opening of training schools for clergy, and the Oxford Movement. There was a growing importance of institutions (including new physical buildings and Anglican reform movements). Further, the clergy, pushed by the increased expectation to modernize and professionalize, became a specialist career, with raised training and performance requirements. As a result of these internal changes, we find the Anglican Church establishment in a state of flux across the nineteenth century: working to adapt itself to a new normal where Anglicanism as the dominant organizing force in people's lives could no longer be taken for granted.



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