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Ph.D. in Music



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Michael Worthy

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Michael Gardiner

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Alan Spurgeon

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The purpose of the present study was to identify rehearsal techniques among expert middle school band directors Kentucky, Tennessee, and Mississippi. Twenty-one potential participants were recommended by university faculty and other leaders within the profession. Seven directors were identified who met criteria for participation in the study. Six directors agreed to participate, but due to scheduling conflicts, five were observed. Participants were observed and video recorded for three consecutive rehearsals. Initial analysis divided rehearsals into subsections including: warm-up, repertoire rehearsal, run-through performance, and non-instructional time. Repertoire rehearsal time for all participants was then systematically analyzed using rehearsal frames with two or more student performance trials as a means for selecting segments for analysis. Episodes of teacher talk, instructor modeling and student performance behaviors were observed in both frequency and duration. Data collected on these specified behaviors were analyzed to identify possible instructional differences and/or similarities to prior research in different settings.



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