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M.S. in Pharmaceutical Science


Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery

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Ikhlas A. Khan

Second Advisor

Robert J. Doerksen

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Samir Ross

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Cyanotis. vaga (Lour.) Schult, & Schult. f. (C. vaga) previously called Tradescantia vaga and Cyanotis barbata, is a perennial herb. It is native to Eastern Asia and Tropical Africa. It has been reported that its decoction reduces fever and enhances well-being. Recently, C. vaga has been used widely for its anabolic effects, due to its richness of ecdysteroids. Even though C. vaga is a commedicinal plant (dietary supplement), there are no reports about its effect on the drug metabolizing enzyme Cytochromes P450 to predict its interaction with concomitantly used medications. In this study, eight ecdysteroids were isolated from C. vaga, including two previously reported from C. vaga. The additional six ecdysteroids were reported for the first time from this plant. The extract and isolates were tested for their inhibitory effects on the CYP3A4 enzyme, which is a major CYP isoform involved in the metabolism of commonly-used clinical drugs.



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