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Ph.D. in Business Administration



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Bahram Alidaee

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Sumali Conlon

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David Gligor

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This study aims at proposing a decision-support tool to reduce the total supply chain costs (TSCC) consisting of two separate and independent objective functions including total transportation costs (TTC) and total cross-docking operating cost (TCDC). The full-truckload (FT) transportation mode is assumed to handle supplier→customer product transportation; otherwise, a cross-docking terminal as an intermediate transshipment node is hired to handle the less-than-truckload (LTL) product transportation between the suppliers and customers. TTC model helps minimize the total transportation costs by maximization of the number of FT transportation and reduction of the total number of LTL. TCDC model tries to minimize total operating costs within a cross-docking terminal. Both sub-objective functions are formulated as binary mathematical programming models. The first objective function is a binary-linear programming model, and the second one is a binary-quadratic assignment problem (QAP) model. QAP is an NP-hard problem, and therefore, besides a complement enumeration method using ILOG CPLEX software, the Tabu search (TS) algorithm with four diversification methods is employed to solve larger size problems. The efficiency of the model is examined from two perspectives by comparing the output of two scenarios including; i.e., 1) when cross-docking is included in the supply chain and 2) when it is excluded. The first perspective is to compare the two scenarios’ outcomes from the total supply chain costs standpoint, and the second perspective is the comparison of the scenarios’ outcomes from the total supply chain costs standpoint. By addressing a numerical example, the results confirm that the present of cross-docking within a supply chain can significantly reduce total supply chain costs and total transportation costs.

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