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Ed.D. in Education


Leadership and Counselor Education

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Jill Cabrera

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Jill Cabrera

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Douglas R. Davis

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This applied research study aimed to improve literacy rates for students identified as having dyslexic tendencies in the Lynn County School District. The need to improve literacy rates of students with dyslexia in the Reaching Reading Success Program was identified through Mississippi K-3 Assessment Support System data. Using the two elements found in the program evaluation, accurate identification of dyslexic students and multisensory interventions the study sought to improve the literacy rates for students with dyslexia in kindergarten. Assessment, survey, and interview data were used in this applied research study to determine success. The findings indicated early identification, multi-sensory remediation, and organizational learning does improve literacy rates for students with dyslexic characteristics in kindergarten.


The data set and explanation of data have been updated and added as an additional file.

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