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The Effects of Response to Intervention on Third Graders' Reading Achievement

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Ed.D. in Education

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Bobbie Smothers-Jones

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Jerilou Moore

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Nichelle Robinson


The purpose of this quantitative study was to examine the effects of the Response to Intervention Three Tier Model on third graders' reading achievement. Two hundred forty-three students participated in this study. Students were from an elementary school in the southeastern region of the United States. The data on the students was collected through V-Port database, a database supported by Cambium Learning Group. Of the three groups engaged in Response to Intervention, data analysis revealed that there was a significant difference between group one, benchmark students and group two, emerging students who received intervention, while no significant difference existed when comparing group one or group two to group three. Also, data revealed that there was no significance in the relationship between the teachers or teacher's assistants when observing words-per-minute gain categories. The author suggests recommendations and areas for further study of Response to Intervention.

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