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Ed.D. in Education

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Tom Brady

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Renee Cunningham


University of Mississippi

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As teachers we are tasked with ensuring that our students are equipped with the skills necessary to not only perform with proficiency on local state and national assessments but also to provide our students with opportunities to develop confidence and competence as learners of mathematics through meaningful challenging and worthwhile activities. As such many teachers have turned to technology and cooperative groups as staples in the classroom. The purpose of this study was to understand how one first-year teacher implemented what she was taught in her undergraduate coursework in teaching two specific units of instruction in two sections of high school Algebra 1 at a southern suburban high school. During a fourteen day period the researcher observed the teacher’s implementation of short-cycle formative assessment a classroom response system (CRS) and flexible grouping. Conclusions suggest that students set the pace of the class through their indication of comprehension or confusion and that additional professional development support may be needed by beginning teachers of mathematics with developing norms and classroom management.



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