Electronic Theses and Dissertations

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M.S. in Engineering Science

First Advisor

Elliott Hutchcraft

Second Advisor

Richard Gordon


University of Mississippi

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As the size of the electronics devices is decreasing the overall size of the antenna inside them is also decreasing. As the antenna size becomes smaller it is more difficult to manufacture them with the process of traditional manufacturing that uses the subtractive method to manufacture a structure. This is where additive manufacturing has an edge on traditional manufacturing. The use of this method to manufacture antennas has been discussed in this thesis. Five antennas from a wireless router are evaluated by modeling them in CST Microwave Studio and are modified so that they can be manufactured with 3D printing. The overall difficulties of manufacturing antennas using 3D printing have been discussed and a few solutions have been proposed to tackle those difficulties. The modified antennas were simulated in CST Microwave Studio and the performance of the antennas before and after modification is compared to make sure that the performance of the modified antennas is similar to that of the original physical antennas used in the wireless router.



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