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M.C.J. in Criminal Justice

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Kimberly A. Kaiser

Second Advisor

Linda Keena


University of Mississippi

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Throughout the world juvenile crime remains a major part of the criminal justice system. Although crime has been on the downward trend for the past decade there is still much research that has been done is this area and is on-going. Most research that has been done in this area has solely looked at the juveniles searching for reasons as to why they commit crime. This research looked at a different aspect of juvenile crime. School counselors have a direct role in shaping a youth’s future life and have influences that others may not have. This qualitative research referenced two leading theories social control theory and social learning theory. The research shothat counselors were in unique positions to deter at-risk and/or delinquent behavior in students how they make those connections and the resources available to them as well as what resources they need.



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