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M.S. in Physics

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Robert Kroeger

Second Advisor

Robert Kroeger

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Alakabha Datta


University of Mississippi

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The thesis presents new results for the reflection and transmission coefficients for Cherenkov photons in a strong magnetic field at the interface between the fused quartz of and the surrounding nitrogen gas within the iTOP particle detector, a sub-system of the Belle II experiment. The iTOP is a component of the particle identification system at Belle II which distinguishes between kaons and pions in final states after collision. These coefficients are important in understanding how photons propagate through the iTOP taking into consideration polarization at the reflection and transmission interfaces in the Belle II magnetic field because the polarization affects the light collection efficiency of the detector. A new coordinate system was employed which is valid for any face of the iTOP. Solutions for the electric and magnetic fields were found and verified using several wave equations that were derived from Maxwell's equations. Boundary conditions at the interface were written in the new coordinate system and solved to find the coefficients. These coefficients will be used in Monte Carlo simulations of photons propagating within the iTOP.



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