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A 233Km Circumference Tunnel for E+E-, Pp{Bar}, and Mu+Mu- Colliders

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M.S. in Physics

First Advisor

Donald J. Summers

Second Advisor

Luca Bombelli

Third Advisor

Lucien Cremaldi


In 2001 a cost analysis survey was conducted to build a 233km circumference tunnel in northern Illinois in which to build a Very Large Hadron Collider. Ten years later I have reexamined the proposal, taking into consideration the technological advancements in all the aspects of construction cost analysis. I would also propose that the implementation of a multipurpose collider could be introduced in light of new advancements in design parameters surrounding such collision methods. Such a collider could provide the means necessary for Chicago and more importantly America to stay relevant and competitive in the international marketplace of particle physics.

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