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Ed.D. in Education

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Robert Cummings

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Whitney Webb

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Katie Busby


University of Mississippi

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Across the country, many students struggle with writing making it a national concern for society to find a solution to resolve this issue. By understanding how first generation non-traditional students perceive their own writing, educators and administrators can provide the resources to help these students achieve their academic goals. It is imperative that educators and administrators be aware of this social issue of concern and try to find the best means to help eradicate it. Higher education affords students the opportunity to become critical thinkers, command their own voices, and express their ideas. This dissertation is comprised of three manuscripts for the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate (CPED). This first manuscript will cover the history and nature of the problems that first generation non-traditional students face in higher education when dealing with their own writing level and skills. The second manuscript will showcase the data collected from interviews with non-traditional first generation students and their perceptions of academic writing. The third manuscript will explain the results and possible solutions and suggestions to help remedy the concerns of academic writing.


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