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M.S. in Engineering Science

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Adnan Aydin

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Louis G. Zachos

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Lance Yarbrough


University of Mississippi

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Normal deformation modulus of rock masses (Erm) is a critical design parameter for any permanent excavation and infrastructure project that requires limited or controlled deformations to ensure performance of permanent support systems and of foundations. Despite being a key parameter, the optimal methods for determining Erm is still debated. These methods can be put into three categories: in-situ tests, empirical solutions, and numerical solutions. Current efforts to derive empirical predictions rely on rock mass classification schemes (RMCS) with the assumption that all RMCS are similarly effective at predicting Erm. Since different RMCS use different sets of variables this assumption does not likely hold true as a single RMCS value can be representative of a wide range of rock mass conditions. This study is an attempt to explore the effectiveness of various classification systems and their constituting parameters.

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