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Here, Now

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M.F.A. in Art

First Advisor

Durant Thompson

Second Advisor

Brooke White

Third Advisor

Lauren G. Cardenas


University of Mississippi

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My work explores the transformation of one’s self through the observation, collection, and exploration of nature. I am drawn to the moments that prompt change within each of our lives, and how these moments alter our interpretation of our surroundings. Although I am interested in creating a universal conversation about our interactions in nature, the work I create focuses on my own experiences. Through the exploration, collection, and alteration of objects, I create art for the viewer to investigate and contemplate their own interactions with nature. Through the act of exploration, my curiosity for the natural world and keenness for observation developed. My early experiences influence how I navigate and interpret my surroundings today. I focus on the observations of place and my own collection of organic material to develop my own interpretation of moments within my life. By using a variety of materials and processes, this body of work investigates time, place, and memory. here, now unravels the importance of those concepts in relation to my material usage for each piece created. Who we are is a result of our experiences from these elements, and it is through this body of work that I invite the viewer to contemplate their impact on their own surroundings.



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