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M.A. in Modern Languages

First Advisor

Tamara Warhol

Second Advisor

Donald Dyer

Third Advisor

Felice Coles


University of Mississippi

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This thesis aims to investigate English-language learners’ foreign language anxiety and their motivations to learn English in an American context. The adapted versions of The Motivation/Attitude Questionnaire (Ozturk 2012), and Foreign Language Anxiety Scale (Horwitz et al 1986) were given to 34 Intensive English Program students at a college in Southeastern United States. The participants in the Advanced and Advanced Plus Level have shown moderate level of Foreign Language Anxiety and Motivation. The results have prevailed that the students with higher proficiency levels have had slightly higher level of motivation. Yet, the participants with a higher level of English proficiency have not found to face less foreign language anxiety levels. Additionally, the participants have not shown high levels of foreign language anxiety, nor low levels of motivation. This study concludes that proficiency level does not constitute an effect on reducing the anxiety levels of the language learners.



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