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M.A. in Psychology

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John N. Young

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Alan M. Gross

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Danielle J. Maack


University of Mississippi

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There is a high prevalence rate of psychopathology among US youth, with at least one in four youth meeting clinical criteria for a mental health condition. Those youths who experience psychopathology tend to demonstrate greater functional impairments and have more adverse outcomes compared to youth who do not have these frequently occurring conditions. It is unfortunate that many of these conditions, along with their deleterious effects, are poorly identified in pediatric settings despite the availability of screening instruments. Most screening instruments, however, assess for domain-specific areas of psychopathology only, and can require substantial time to administer and interpret within the typical timeframe of a pediatric visit. The present study sought to design a brief, psychometrically sound, general youth screening instrument using data obtained from the NCS-A. Approximations for sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value, negative predictive value, and predictive accuracy did not support the development of a broad youth screening instrument to assess psychopathology more generally. The current lack of construct validity for a more general youth screening instrument are discussed, along with future areas of research.

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