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M.S. in Pharmaceutical Science

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Norman J. Doorenbos

Second Advisor

Joseph Sam

Third Advisor

W. F. Gilmore

Fourth Advisor

I. W. Waters

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Research into the chemical and pharmacological properties of aza­steroids has become of interest because of their potential value as pharmacodynamic and chemotherapeutic agents. A nitrogen atom, for example, would be able to interact, unlike carbon, with a variety of sites in enzymes by means of ionic-ionic, ionic-dipole, dipole-dipole and hydrogen.bonds. Azasteroids having a nitrogen, atom might be adsorbed more strongly or in a different orientation to a given enzyme, and also may produce.a different biologic effect with a new spectrum of biological activities. The pharmacological.activities of a number of synthetic azasteroids, have been reported.

This investigation is concerned with the synthesis of some aza-sitostanes, a study of their antimicrobial properties, and the synthesis of sufficient quantities for screening for hypocholesterolemic and insect chemosterilant properties.



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