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M.S. in Pharmaceutical Science


Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery

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Michael A. Repka

Second Advisor

Eman Ashour

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Seongbong Jo

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Ibuprofen is known to plasticize several polymers used in the pharmaceutical field, and it is considered challenging to achieve an immediate release by fused deposition modeling (FDM). Therefore, this study aimed to print ibuprofen tablet with a focus on achieving immediate release. Polyethylene oxide (Polyox WSR N80) was used as a main matrix to form the ibuprofen filament due to its water-soluble property and manifesting suitable mechanical property even with the high drug loading (40% w/w). Several release modifiers such as Kollidon VA64, Kollidon 12PF, Kollicoat IR, Kollidon CL, and Mannitol were added separately to the formulation to enhance the drug release rate. The effects of each release modifier on the drug release rate and the mechanical property of the filaments were discussed. It was observed from the results that adding soluble Kollidon grades such as Kollidon VA64 and Kollidon 12PF can enhance the drug release rate. The tablet design with a high surface to mass ratio was also beneficial to increase the drug release rate. However, the incorporation of the release modifiers decreased the flexural modulus of the filament. Additionally, it was important to tailor the printing parameters considering the filament’s property to acquire a good quality of printlets. In this study, the tablet consisting of 30% ibuprofen, 20% Kollidon VA64 with the highest dose (84mg) released 80% of the drug in approximately 90min. To further increase the release rate and drug dose, other additives such as viscosity-increasing agent and reinforcing additive can be explored. Therefore, this study can show the potential of fabricating ibuprofen tablets with immediate release property using Polyox WSR N80 by fused deposition modeling.



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