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Ph.D. in English

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Rosemary Oliphant Ingham

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Kenya Wolff

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Joel Amidon

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ABSTRACT Educational inequality and racial injustice are serious challenges that educators continue to face. More educators are seeking social justice teaching practices and implementing culturally responsive pedagogies to address systemic inequities in schools. Literary scholars suggest that books should serve as mirrors and windows for readers. Diverse young adult literature is a powerful medium through which social injustices, racial inequities, and social problems can be addressed in the classroom. This study is designed to help teachers create a more inclusive classroom through using adolescent literature. Four teachers in diverse schools throughout Mississippi used The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas to implement social justice literacies in ELA classrooms. Data was collected through classroom observations, focus groups, interviews, journals, and lesson plans. Collected data was analyzed for recurring themes that relate to social justice issues.


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