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M.M. in Music



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John M. Latartara

Second Advisor

Micah P. Everett

Third Advisor

Thomas A. Peattie

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This thesis analyzes five songs from Franz Schubert’s song cycle Winterreise (1828) according to timbre using spectrographic images created with the Sonic Visualizer computer program. The report begins with an introduction to timbre, an explanation of spectrographic technology, and defining to terminology to be used in the analyses. The songs and topics to be covered are “Gute Nacht” and how individual performances can dictate timbre; “Die Wetterfahne” and the motive of wind related to timbre; “Der Lindenbaum” and timbral relationships among strophes; “Frühlingstraum” and how emotions, dream sequences, and weather are conveyed by timbre; and “Der stürmische Morgen” and the ideas of landscape and weather related to timbre.



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