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Ed.D. in Educational Leadership

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Dennis A. Bunch

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Jodi Skipper

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Regina Biggers

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Reading proficiency is an important skill and demonstrated proficiency is required by the Mississippi’s Literacy Based Promotion Act of 2013 for third graders to be promoted to fourth grade. Reading proficiency at third grade also has serious implications for lifelong outcomes. The purpose of this applied research project was to increase reading achievement for the second and third grade students of Lester Elementary, specifically by exploring the effects of increased time spent reading, access and self-selection of books, and motivation to read on reading proficiency. The analysis of pre- and post- STAR data was used to determine if proficiency rates increased. Although we did not reach the goal of increasing the number of students scoring proficient or higher, teachers reported positive changes in the number of students engaged in reading, improved attitudes toward reading, and students’ motivation to read. This study was impacted greatly by COVID 19 and deserves continued implementation and further investigation.



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