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The Relationship Between the Learning Styles of Middle School Students and the Teaching and Learning Styles of Middle School Teachers and the Effects on Student Achievement of Students' Learning Styles and Teachers' Learning and Teaching Styles

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Ed.D. in Education

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Larry Hanshaw

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Lori Wolff

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Bobbie Smothers-Jones


This case study of a rural West Tennessee school district examines the relationship of the learning styles of middle school students and the learning and teaching styles of middle school teachers and the effects on student achievement. With the use of the index of learning style survey (ILS), the paragon learning style inventory (PLSI), and the survey of teaching styles questionnaire, 577 students and 30 teachers were surveyed to explore if there is a relationship between the learning and teaching styles of teachers, as well as, determining if students' learning styles impact their achievement. The study finds that there is a significant relationship among 1) teachers' learning styles and students' learning styles; and 2) teachers' teaching styles and students learning styles. Results show that there is no significant relationship between student achievement and students' learning or between students' achievement score and the teaching and learning styles of teachers. Seventh grade English was the only time a significant difference was found in student achievement when teacher's had different styles of learning.

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