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Ph.D. in Education

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Lori A. Wolff

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Gloria Kellum

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Whitney Webb

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This study sought to uncover information about the types of measurement and strategic planning models being used in higher education development, determine what measures are most important and effective for successful development practices, and explore the potential application of the Balanced Scorecard to higher education development operations. Survey data indicated a wide range of quantifiable metrics currently in use and opinions about measurements such as face-to-face visits, delivery of solicitations, and dollars raised. Personal interactions were considered the most important form of measurement, with financial outcomes falling closely behind. Very few survey respondents reported personal knowledge of the Balanced Scorecard, and no respondents reported that the Balanced Scorecard was currently in use as a tool for performance measurement or strategic planning at their current institutions of employment. Chi-square analysis was performed for hypotheses. Only one hypothesis was rejected based on a significant p-value of .001 for both chi-square and Fisher's exact test analyses, indicating the possibility of a significant relationship between the size of an institution's undergraduate student body and that institution's use of performance metrics for development personnel. The qualitative interview portion of the study also indicated that many forms of quantifiable metrics are utilized by institutional development operations. Opinions about what measures are most important varied and were not consistent based on levels of leadership or management responsibilities. Interview data did indicate that the four perspectives of the Balanced Scorecard would provide useful direction in performance measurement and planning.



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