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Ph.D. in Counselor Education


Leadership and Counselor Education

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Richard S. Balkin

Second Advisor

Juawice McCormick

Third Advisor

Alexandria Kerwin

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Childhood sexual assault (CSA) is a growing problem in our society. A child who experiences a sexual assault not only deals with the immediate trauma surrounding this event, but also the aftermath of this event as they progress into adulthood. Trauma and sexual trauma is an umbrella term that incorporates all of the various implications of experiencing a negative event. In the instance of trauma, neurobiological implications have been well researched and established. This knowledge highlights the need for counseling techniques to be developed and studied that target those who have experienced CSA. The aim of this single-case research design study was to observe the relationship between group sandtray therapy in increasing the global well being of adult survivors of childhood sexual assault. The results showing a moderate effect size are discussed as well as ways to further this area of research.



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