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M.A. in Psychology

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John Young

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Danielle Maack

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Alan Gross

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Young adults (aged 18-25) were identified as the most stressed age group due to internal and external factors that are relatively unique to their group. High stress levels are alarming as they coincide with a multitude of adverse effects on psychological health, including difficulty falling and staying asleep, reduction in overall sleep quality, and exacerbated depression and anxiety symptomatology. Young adults attending post-secondary education institutions are at particular risk for developing and maintaining these adverse psychological effects of stress, especially considering the low rate in which they seek treatment for psychiatric difficulties. Limited literature exists to date regarding condensing a well-established, evidence-based intervention that targets stress, sleep, depression, and anxiety difficulties in a quick, relatable, and accessible format designed specifically for college-attending young adults. The present study aimed to observe the effects of presenting an hour-long video based on an evidence-based therapeutic intervention for the above-stated difficulties. However, no significant differences between baseline and follow-up data were observed. Future directions for further research in this area are discussed.



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