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Ph.D. in Political Science

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Gregory Love

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Alice Cooper

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Jonathan Klingler

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This dissertation studies the recent rise of extreme right-wing parties in the European context and explores their origins of support and consequences of their presence. This project follows the three-paper method, studying the movement from three distinct perspectives: immigration, globalization, and party influence. Using a variety of data, I employ hierarchical modeling to test hypotheses concerning these three areas in which extreme parties have an impact. My hypotheses focus on the relationship changes in the local population and economic conditions have on the support these parties receive, and how these parties modify the behavior of other right-wing parties. My results indicate extreme right-wing party support is influenced by the size of immigrant populations and the level of globalization in a region. I also find extreme right-wing parties are capable of changing the preferences of center-right parties relative to their strength. These results are important to our understanding of extreme right-wing parties, as they demonstrate how they are able to achieve electoral success and their potential to alter the status quo within party systems.



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