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M.S. in Engineering Science

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Elliott Hutchcraft

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Richard K. Gordon

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Elliott Hutchcraft

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In recent times, a variety of industries, applications and numerical methods including the meshless method have enjoyed a great deal of success by utilizing the graphical processing unit (GPU) as a parallel coprocessor. These benefits often include performance improvement over the previous implementations. Furthermore, applications running on graphics processors enjoy superior performance per dollar and performance per watt than implementations built exclusively on traditional central processing technologies. The GPU was originally designed for graphics acceleration but the modern GPU, known as the General Purpose Graphical Processing Unit (GPGPU) can be used for scientific and engineering calculations. The GPGPU consists of massively parallel array of integer and floating point processors. There are typically hundreds of processors per graphics card with dedicated high-speed memory. This work describes an application written by the author, titled GaussianRBF to show the implementation and results of a novel meshless method that in-cooperates the collocation of the Gaussian radial basis function by utilizing the GPU as a parallel co-processor. Key phases of the proposed meshless method have been executed on the GPU using the NVIDIA CUDA software development kit. Especially, the matrix fill and solution phases have been carried out on the GPU, along with some post processing. This approach resulted in a decreased processing time compared to similar algorithm implemented on the CPU while maintaining the same accuracy.



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