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Ph.D. in Music



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Andrew Paney

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Rhonda S. Hackworth

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George W.K Dor

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The improvement of music teacher education programs is inevitably tied to improvement of the quality of music instruction in schools. As such, one of the essential avenues for improving educational programs is conducting regular program evaluations. Given the ever-evolving national standards for school music, along with the changing socio-cultural dynamics in Ghana, a corresponding review of the music teacher education programs is needed. Accordingly, the purpose of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of the music teacher education programs in Ghana. By overlaying the Content, Input, Process, and Product (CIPP) evaluation model as a conceptual framework, I sought the perspective of practicing music teachers. Using a concurrent mixed methods approach, I collected data primarily through a survey that featured both quantitative and qualitative measures. In addition, I reviewed the curricula and instructional materials used for music teacher education in Ghana. Results of this study indicated that while music teachers preferred practical and performance related activities, the programs emphasized theoretical and historical concepts. Practices that contributed to the success of the programs included support and commitment of faculty, experiential learning opportunities, and emphasis on African music. The lack of musical instruments, curricular misalignments, and inadequate training time were the major challenges that confronted the programs. Participants concluded that greater emphasis on practical courses would have been an added advantage to their music teaching practice. This study augments the limited research on music teacher education in Ghana; thereby informing policymakers, administrators, and music educators on how to plan, implement, and promote music education programs.



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