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Ed.S. in Educational Leadership



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Douglas R. Davis

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Jill Cabrera

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Angus Mungal

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The purpose of this study was to understand the dynamics of how teaching culturally responsive strategies to teachers can help eliminate the opportunity gap between students of color and their White counterparts. The action research method involved first collecting quantitative data through several surveys and then explaining the quantitative results with in- depth qualitative data through interviews and professional learning communities. In the first phase of the study, the culturally responsive and teacher efficacy scale data was collected from the participants within the study and the district at large. While the district survey was not mandated, it was strongly encouraged. All the teachers selected for the study took the district survey, in addition to the other surveys, which were specific to the participants. The next step was the first interview. The second, qualitative phase was conducted as a follow-up to the quantitative results to help explain why we are where we are in this area. In this follow-up, I explored with the participating teachers how culturally responsive teaching through professional learning communities can help teachers gain invaluable insight into student achievement. We hope to scale up this training to the whole district as we do the work, creating and modifying our instructional strategies along the way.


Educational Leadership, K-12



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