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M.A. in Psychology



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Todd A. Smitherman

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John N. Young

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Kristin Austin

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Worldwide, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are the leading cause of injury related death and disability for children and young adults, with an estimated 50 million TBIs occurring annually. Post-traumatic cognitive fatigue, or the perceived lack of mental energy needed to accomplish a goal, is a debilitating symptom of TBI, preventing many survivors from returning to work or enjoying their pre-injury quality of life. The mechanisms underlying TBI often cause executive function deficits, such as compromised ability to make adaptive decisions. Although decision-making and fatigue share portions of the same neural network, no literature to date has examined the potential mediating effect of cognitive fatigue on decision-making ability associated with TBI. The present study explored decision-making among a sample of TBI survivors compared to non-TBI controls and whether fatigue mediates this relationship. Additionally, this study examined the moderating effect of working memory on the relationship between fatigue and decision-making. People with TBI evidenced significantly compromised decision-making compared to controls. This effect was mediated by cognitive fatigue, such that an increase in cognitive fatigue resulted in better decision-making. While unexpected this may be explained through the coping hypothesis of fatigue, indicative of an effort-reward imbalance during later stages of the task. Better working memory capacity weakened the direct effect of the TBI on decision-making ability by reducing the influence of fatigue. Future studies shouldevaluate the effect of reward-based interventions on decision-making and whether cognitive rehabilitation efforts targeting working memory may lessen the influence of TBI on decision- making by alleviating fatigue.


Clinical Psychology

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