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Ph.D. in Physics


Physics and Astronomy

First Advisor

Alakabha Datta

Second Advisor

Gavin Davies

Third Advisor

Lucien Cremaldi

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In this research, I have tested the standard model(SM) and various new physics (NP) models using B and D meson decays. In D meson decays, the SU(3) flavor symmetry of the SM for Cabibbo favored decays is tested against experimental measurements. The SU(3) analysis with η and η′ are considered in a general and consistent way for the first time. In B decays, a fit to the data for four B → πK decays is performed, within the SM and with NP. The fit confirms that the SM gives a poor fit to the B → πK data which is known as the B → πK ”puzzle”. A solution to the B → πK ”puzzle” is presented in terms of an axion like particle (ALP) with a mass near the neutral pion mass. Several search strategies to observe this particle in various experiments have also been explored. Finally, an explanation of the B → πK ”puzzle” via the presence of diquarks is considered. The possibility to generate neutrino masses and mixing via a combination of diquarks and leptoquarks is also discussed. The leptoquark can account for the lepton universality violating anomalies in semileptonic B decays.



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