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Ph.D. in Engineering Science

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Cristiane Surbeck

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Yavuz Ozeren

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Mohammad Al-Hamdan


University of Mississippi

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An increase in impervious land covers, such as asphalt and buildings from new construction and land development projects, results in cities experiencing flooding events. In 2021, the US was impacted by significant weather and climate disasters, including two flooding events and 11 severe storms. In addition to flooding events, excess runoff carries pollutants to receiving waters causing low water quality and habitat loss. To minimize flooding events and maintain the quality of receiving water bodies, stormwater runoff should be handled near its source. The installation of green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) is one sustainable method of addressing stormwater runoff problems. GSI reduces the volume of runoff, which also prevents downstream flooding and environmental damage. GSI also has environmental and social benefits, such as providing a natural green environment, reducing exposure to toxic substances, improving air quality, and improving human well-being.Despite its environmental and health benefits, there are barriers that prevent developers and engineers from installing these practices. These barriers usually fall into three main categories: technical, financial, and regulatory. The fact that the benefits of these practices are not widely understood and not adequately quantified is considered a technical barrier. This lack of track record limits developers and engineers from including GSI practices in their design. Financial barriers stem from the high cost of retrofitting and construction of GSI, which does not attract developers. City regulations that lack requirements for implementing GSI are considered a regulatory barrier.


Civil Engineering



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