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Ed.D. in Education

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Whitney T. Webb

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Neal H. Hutchens

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Amy E. Wells Dolan


University of Mississippi

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Research shows many new college students may be remedial in English language arts or mathematics (Jaggers & Bickerstaff, 2018). For faculty in journalism and mass communication (JMC) fields, teaching struggling student writers can be especially challenging as these students may not have the fundamental knowledge to build applied writing skills upon. Thus, this lack of readiness for collegiate writing poses challenges to not only these students’ academic success, but also their transition into media professions. Embedded remediation—an alternative to traditional, prerequisite remediation—is one strategy that JMC faculty can use to support struggling student writers. This dissertation explores how JMC faculty perceive the concept of embedded remediation using data from three focus groups with a combined sample of 17 participants from 14 U.S. institutions. Little research exists on how embedded remediation can be best used in JMC units at U.S. colleges and universities. Exploring faculty perceptions is valuable to growing this research area as the implementation of embedded remediation strategies would inherently affect the professional practice of JMC faculty.


Higher Education



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