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Ed.D. in Education

First Advisor

Phillis L . George

Second Advisor

Amy Wells-Dolan

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Whitney T. Webb


University of Mississippi

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This Dissertation in Practice highlights a problem of practice within the field of Higher Education regarding the work place experiences of Black staff and administrators at Predominantly White Institutions. The dissertation seeks to understand more about the experiences of Black professional staff and administrators at Predominantly White Institutions as well as the personal and professional resources, support services, and networks that assist with their ability to grow and thrive in higher education work place environments that are predominantly White. The dissertation is comprised of three manuscripts. Manuscript 1 is an expanded literature review regarding the problem of practice. Manuscript 2 is an impact evaluation plan focused on the problem of practice, and Manuscript 3 is a leadership philosophy statement—which speaks to relevant theories and strategies to help with oversight and implementation of the enclosed impact evaluation plan as well as other related evaluations designed to address the problem of practice. An adapted version of Weidman, Twale, and Steins’s Graduate Student Socialization Framework is used as the analytic lens, giving way to the development of an evaluation plan that is designed to help scholar practitioners understand more about the impact of professional and personal communities on the professional socialization of Black staff and administrators, while working at Predominantly White Institutions.



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