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Ph.D. in Music

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Elizabeth R. Hearn

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Rhonda S. Hackworth

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Donald L. Trott


University of Mississippi

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The purpose of this study was to examine how undergraduate choral music teacher educators (MTEs) are including world choral music pedagogy (WCMP) in choral music education courses. Participants of this study were faculty of colleges and universities in the Southern Region of the United States of America (USA), as defined by the American Choral Directors Association (ACDA). Participants either held a choral music education position or teach choral music education courses. A survey design was used to collect data for this descriptive study. The research questions that informed this study focused on the extent of the inclusion of WCMP in undergraduate choral music education courses, the nature of the integration of diverse world music cultures in the choral music education curricula, and the challenges that choral MTEs face related to incorporating WCMP in their courses. Data were analyzed and represented using percentages in tables for Likert-type questions. For the free response questions, data were coded and reported as emerging themes. The findings of this study indicated that there was willingness and attempts to include WCMP in choral music education courses. However, lack of experience in world choral music was a barrier in achieving this goal, even though most of the participants reporting that they had received specialized training during their undergraduate music studies. Since there are other world music courses offered as part of undergraduate studies that are not taught by choral music education faculty, the results of this study were limited when it comes to understanding the inclusion of world music pedagogy in choral music teacher degree programs.



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