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Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences

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Michael A. Repka

Second Advisor

Eman Ashour

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Samir Ross


University of Mississippi

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Hot-melt extrusion (HME) is one of the approaches to formulate an amorphous solid dispersion (ASD) and has gained popularity within the pharmaceutical industry over the past three decades. Additionally, HME has the ability to produce several versatile formulations and its ability to tailor processing materials through modifications in the screw design and mixing and shearing forces or by controlling the material feed rate; additionally, HME allows processing at multiple temperatures and screw speeds. HME has advantages over traditional pharmaceutical processing techniques, including its ability for continuous operation and ability to implement quality by design (QbD) and process analytical technology (PAT) strategies; furthermore, HME is a solvent-free method, has few processing steps, is inexpensive, and is feasible for industrial scale-up and processing of drugs with high melting points and viscous materials.

In the upcoming chapters, a detailed abstract is presented to highlight the project aims, describing the outcomes and their contribution to the pharmaceutical field.

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