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M.A. in Journalism

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Zenebe Beyene

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Charles D. Mitchell

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Joseph B. Atkins


University of Mississippi

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This study aimed to ascertain whether Saudi Arabian journalists know peace journalism. According to the peace journalism model and the framing theory, journalists' practices are supposed to foster peace rather than fuel violence. As a result, journalists can shed light on the social and underlying causes of violence with the noble goal of demoting violence and promoting peace. In that sense, 100 journalists from Saudi Arabia made up the sample population of this study. The mixed-method approach was used to collect data; Consequently, the researcher provided the participants with a questionnaire to elicit the level of awareness of peace journalism among them. Of the journalists who responded to the study survey, 96 of the 100 participants completed and submitted their responses. However, the outcomes demonstrated that peace journalism training was clearly lacking. Contradictions were also revealed by another finding. One of these is that most respondents agreed that the Saudi media give more coverage to peace. On the other hand, they argued that they failed to pay more attention to peace journalism practices when reporting on conflicts. Thus, the discoveries focused on the requirement for extra preparation in harmony reporting; suggestions and recommendations are presented accordingly.

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