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M.S. in Pharmaceutical Science

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Michael A. Repka

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Eman A. Ashour

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Dr. Walter Chambliss


University of Mississippi

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Many patients find it difficult to swallow tablets or hard gelatin capsules and fail to comply with prescriptions, resulting in a high incidence of noncompliance and ineffective treatment. Well, in recent years, buccal drug delivery has gained significant attention as a potential alternative to traditional drug delivery systems. Prochlorperazine Maleate is a widely used antiemetic drug for treating nausea and vomiting caused by various medical conditions. However, its oral administration is associated with poor bioavailability and inconsistent therapeutic effects. To overcome these limitations this study aims to develop sustained release mucoadhesive buccal films of Prochlorperazine Maleate using the Hot Melt Extrusion (HME) technique. These films are designed to stick to the inner lining of the upper lip and slowly release the medication over time. Formulations were prepared using PVA 3-82 and HPMC HME 4M as the polymers, Xanthan gum as a mucoadhesive agent, and sorbitol as the plasticizer. The formulations were evaluated for physicochemical characteristics, in vitro drug release among others. The drug release was sustained for 2 hours, and the mucoadhesive strength from HPMC and Xanthan gum was expected to be sufficient to keep the film in contact with the buccal mucosa. Findings suggest that prochlorperazine maleate sustained release mucoadhesive buccal films prepared by HME have enormous potential for improving patient compliance and therapeutic efficacy in the treatment of nausea and vomiting.

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