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M.S. in Engineering Science

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Kasem Khalil

Second Advisor

Wayne Prather

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William Frazier


University of Mississippi

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In recent years, research conducted by the Applied Acoustics group at the NationalCenter for Physical Acoustics has involved the use of microphone arrays to study the propagation of sound through outdoor environments. In such research, there is need for data acquisition systems which can be reconfigured in both hardware and software. This work is an effort to develop a modular acoustic data acquisition framework which can be configured to accommodate a wide variety of acoustic array applications. In hardware, the framework provides modularity with a generic mainboard which uses a common interface to collect data from application-specific microphone boards. In software, a generic host-side USB driver allows various acoustic array systems to be integrated with signal processing algorithms through a simple API. Using this framework, a completely new array can be developed rapidly: the user simply designs the application-specific sensor boards and adjusts firmware parameters.



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