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M.A. in Southern Studies

First Advisor

Andrew C. Harper

Second Advisor

Melanie Ho

Third Advisor

Brooke C. White


University of Mississippi

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In this thesis, I use nontraditional documentary methods to explore the dynamic relationship between mothers and daughters. This work is an amalgamation of autobiography, memoir, autoethnography, oral history, and photography. While autoethnography inspires me, this is not a traditional sociological study, and I do not seek to come to any ubiquitous conclusions. Rather, I present an artistic approach to the field of documentary. I diverge from traditional oral histories, constructing a cohesive narrative using transcripts from recordings of my mom and me. I sequence experimental Van Dyke Brown prints and more traditional documentary photography with poetic musings on stories of women, mothers, and daughters from Greco-Roman mythology. This thesis serves as a specific story that speaks to larger, universal issues concerning motherhood, loss, and growth.



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