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Ed.D. in Education

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Whitney Webb

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Phillis George

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Katie Busby


University of Mississippi

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Full-time enrolled students participating in full-time employment is a growing trend on college campuses. This dissertation serves to explore the perceptions of full-time employed, full-time enrolled graduate students’ perceptions on the impact of their support systems on their ability to persist. The proposed study utilizes Laura Perna’s Conceptual Model for College Access and Choice (2006), along with Cabrera, Nora, and Castenada’s Integrated Model for Student Retention (1993) to the following research questions: (1) What factors, support systems or resources do students utilize? (2) What formal or informal support systems and/or resources aid in student persistence, if any? This dissertation addresses Servant Leadership as a model for future leadership practices and connects the current problem of practice, study, and conceptual frameworks to the Servant Leadership style.



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