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M.A. in Philosophy

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Deborah Mower

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Steven Skultety

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Timothy Yenter


University of Mississippi

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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light the poor workplace conditions which most people have to deal with every day. In combination with the prolonged unstable economy, working class people are having to deal with stressful conditions at home and work, resulting in a situation where employees are facing workplaces which only seem to get worse and worse, leaving working class people with no choice but to find employment in an adverse environment. This paper offers an ethics of care based approach in which workplace conditions are directly addressed by implementing practices and policies centered around ethical caring, making the workplace somewhere supportive and productive for the corporation and its employees. This ethics of care approach utilizes the preexisting relationships within businesses to make the workplace a caring environment where the employees of the business can better themselves, while not infringing on the profitability of the corporation.



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