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M.S. in Physics

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Luca Bombelli

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Luca Bombelli

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Kevin Beach


University of Mississippi

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The aim of this thesis is to explore causal set theory (CST), which proposes that at the smallest level of spacetime, discrete entities known as “spacetime atoms” are causally related to one another, forming the basis for understanding quantum gravity. While theories such as general relativity that operate on a continuous manifold are more appropriate when dealing with the universe on a large scale, it is crucial for the discrete causal points in CST to maintain their causal structure during the continuum approximation to ensure consistency with general relativity. One way to preserve the causal structure is to accurately embed the set of causally discrete points (known as a causal set) into a Lorentzian manifold, resulting in manifoldlike causal sets. The thesis will investigate the dynamics of manifoldlike causal sets through two distinct approaches to calculating action: layers and chain. The layer action, known as the Benincasa-Dowker action, introduces a discrete non-local operator, which is represented as a linear combination of various layer elements, aims to find the solution for the action. On the other hand, the chain action explores the distribution of ��-chains to determine the action. The thesis will explore potential enhancements to the existing chain action calculation, particularly by incorporating higher-order terms of scalar curvature in the derivation.



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