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Ed.S. in Educational Leadership

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Jill Cabrera

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Mandy Perryman

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Kenneth Pulley


University of Mississippi

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Childhood trauma is a worldwide issue impacting children as young as toddlers and infants. Children exposed to traumatic events are at a greater risk of having cognitive and academic concerns. Additionally, children impacted by trauma are more likely to exhibit internalizing and externalizing behaviors than their peers who have not been exposed to a traumatic event. The purpose of this mixed-methods applied research study was to support the social-emotional needs of students impacted by trauma by implementing trauma-informed practices. An action plan was developed and implemented to address the three elements of the action plan. The first element was the implementation of a counseling program designed for students who have been impacted by trauma. The second element was the implementation of a daily wellness check-in platform. The third element was progress monitoring of the student's attendance, disciplinary infractions, and academic performance in math and reading. A program evaluation was used to measure the effectiveness of the interventions implemented at a charter school in an urban community. Surveys, interviews, and a review of student data were used in the study. The study's findings showed success in implementing trauma-informed interventions to support the social-emotional needs of students. Quantitative and qualitative data showed increased academic gains, decreased student absences, and disciplinary infractions for students who participated in the study.



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