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Ph.D. in Business Administration

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Jim Taylor

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Hyun-Woo Joung

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Eun-Kyong Choi


University of Mississippi

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This study aims to develop a measurement scale for restaurant service quality by integrating newly adopted restaurant service attributes (i.e., hygiene and safety practices, technology service, and sustainable practices) and exploring the dimensionality of restaurant service quality, specifically applied to the front-of-house in full-service restaurants. Based on data collected from 403 respondents through surveys, 84 items were subjected to a Principal Confirmatory Analysis, resulting in 34 items distributed among 8 dimensions, including (1) environmentally sustainable practices, (2) hygiene and safety practices, (3) technology service, (4) employee service, (5) physical environment, and (6) food-related sustainable practices, (7) price perceptions, and (8) beverage service.

Subsequently, the scale with 8 dimensions and 34 items was assessed for validity and underlying structure of the constructs using Confirmatory Factor Analysis with 232 respondents. The results indicate that the refined scale has good reliability and validity with 8 dimensions and 33 items.

This study provides an updated service quality scale that effectively identifies dimensions of restaurant service quality, specifically in the front-of-house for full-service restaurants. The findings have practical implications for restaurant operators and managers in enhancing service quality and customer satisfaction.

Available for download on Thursday, July 24, 2025